Restored Bulgarian Regular Freemasonry and Lodge "PHOENIX"

We welcome you to internet "page" of a young Lodge, called the Phoenix not randomly. Brothers, representing the Lodge, derived from Masonic society, called Phoenix back in 2005. Then, and on our Way were set out the traps of profane practices that still exists among the young Bulgarian Masonry. But we resisted, and we gain the Light, and we are adamant in our will to preserve it for Future with Impetus, and Time ... of the Phoenix.
How did we get here, we the last generation of Bulgarian masons?
In 1880 in Rousse was founded the first Bulgarian lodge "Balkan Star" under the rule of the Great East of Portugal by her craftsmen Ivan Vedar (adopted in Brotherhood in 1864 and having a "Master" degree in English Lodge in Constantinople).
In 1884 in Rousse was founded "The First Bulgarian Grand Lodge," which lasted a short time. One of the first dedicated brothers in "Balkan Star" is a great Bulgarian Zahari Stoyanov, who became the main engine to realize the idea of ​​unification of the Principality of Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia, which happened in 1885 with the patronage of Prince Alexander I Battenberg, announced as the PATRON OF FREEMASONS IN BULGARIA.
In 1918 Sofia was proclaimed installing symbolic Great Lodge of Bulgaria under the subordination of the Grand Lodge "Alpina" of Switzerland and the Grand Lodge of France with the first Grand Master General Alexander Protogerov. For a short period of time, Bulgarian Freemasons receive recognition from the main Masonic forces around the world. Bulgarian Freemasons actively participate in the forums of fraternal lodges in the world. For the next 20 years Bulgarian Masonry conducts extensive educational and humanitarian work, it is behind the creation of "Red Cross", leave the first Masonic publications - "Mason's News", "Free Mason" and in the civil world - "Fireworks", "Overview "," Free post ", etc.
The Government of prominent Mason Professor Alexander Tsankov, despite identical difficulties and problems of Bulgarian refugees, taking thousands of displaced Armenians.
In 1940 with a public perception of fascist ideology and adopting the Law on Protection of the Nation and the Protection of the State the Grand Lodge of Bulgaria providently dissolve. Paradoxically, but it is the fact that in the Masonic elite there are members of the then government of key positions that help to avoid direct repression against brothers. One day before signing prohibitive act was held Great Council to dissolve itself. Bulgarian Masons at National Assembly, despite the ban, with their voices and activities involved in the rescue of Bulgarian Jews. "Light" is hidden, but it is not quenched!
Unfortunately, after World War II and the restructuring of Europe, Bulgaria falls from pseudo-fascist to real Communist regime. In 1946 the leader of the Bulgarian Communists declared, "Masonic lodges are a danger to our national homeland, and they should absolutely be liquidated," the media called "Death to the Masons." Masons were branded as national traitors, spies, etc.
So, until the demolition of the Berlin Wall, which naturally drew the quick disintegration of the "world" socialist system, and give a chance for reanimation of Bulgarian Masonry. Spiritual and material heritage of Bulgarian Masonry to 1989 does not exist, outgoing regime had tried to have it destroyed, plundered and human memory erased. However, some brothers and their descendants have managed to preserve part of the records and memories of that time. One part of police records (with Masonic documents) are located in Moscow today.
The revival of Freemasonry in Bulgaria is realized without the participation of an authentic local mason. Revivification is developed in two ways - one installed by the Grand Lodge of Yugoslavia and the other - under the old Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Germany, and - especially brothers, members of its subordinated Lodge "Lessing". As Grand Master of Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Old Masons of Germany, Brother Klaus Horneffer actively and directly facilitated the realization of this process. The first steps prior to the process here were:
- Installation of the Grand Lodge of Yugoslavia in June 1990 under the Hammer of the then Grand Master of United Grand Lodges of Germany, Brother Ernst Walter.
- Installation of the Grand Lodge of Bulgaria on 5 December 1992. From the Grand Lodge of Yugoslavia under the Hammer on her then-Grand Master Zoran Nenezich that transmits light of the First Grand Master MWBr. George Krumov.
Chronologically, from late 1990 and early 1991, Grand Lodge of Yugoslavia began to seek their emissaries and number of contacts with Bulgarian citizens who could become founders of the Masonic organization in Bulgaria and whose loyalty to rely. For a brief period to the idea were summarized and adopted in Belgrade Lodge "Pobratim" 35 Bulgarians. Therefore, on 22 January 1992. to the elders of the Lodge "Pobratim" have received a request from its member 25 Bulgarian Masters, where they asked to be allowed to begin the formation of individual Lodges in Bulgaria.
So with these 25 Masters and the remaining 10 Entered Apprentices and Fellow Crafts in Bulgaria was created three separate lodges: "Zaria," "Svetlina" and "Sgovor". And now it became possible to proceed with the establishment of the Grand Lodge of Bulgaria.
On 22 October, 1992 to the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Yugoslavia, Zoran Nenezich were sent written requests from the three newly established Bulgarian Lodges, which expressed the desire, the Grand Lodge of Yugoslavia to become the Mother of the Grand Lodge of Bulgaria. Applications were accepted immediately and on 28 October, 1992 in Sofia was held a joint meeting of the three lodges, where were elected delegates to the General Assembly for reactivation of the Grand Lodge of Bulgaria.
On 5 December 1992 the Grand Lodge of Yugoslavia, pursuant to its powers of then Grand Master - Zoran Nenezich bring the Light and install the Grand Lodge of Bulgaria.
Parallel and later passed another Masonic path by building Masonic nests of Bulgarians in Germany. On the ground for reactivation of Bulgarian Masonry by this way stands the migrant, Doctor of Law Br. Ivan Voinov. The dream of Br. Voinov was to see Masonic light in Bulgaria and it to be given by Germany, in order to not be manipulated in Masonic idea of homegrown and profanic embedded "promoters" of the Freemasonry. History shows us that the concerns of Dr. Voinov were not groundless ...
On 20 September, 1997 in Sofia, the United Grand Lodge of Germany installed the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Old Masons of Bulgaria with Grand Master Ivan Stavrev.
Concerning the certain of these facts and legitimacy of the action is the fact that they have complied unconditionally Basic Principles for Regularity of Grand Lodge, adopted on 4 September, 1929 by the United Grand Lodge of England, which until now are recognized by all Regular Grand Lodges, it must meet the following principles:
  1. Regularity of Origin; i.e. each Grand Lodge shall have been established lawfully by a duly recognized Grand Lodge or by three or more regularly constituted Lodges.
  1. That the Grand Lodge shall have sovereign jurisdiction over the Lodges under its control; i.e. that it shall be a responsible, independent, self-governing organisation, with sole and undisputed authority over the Craft and Symbolic Degrees (Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason) within its Jurisdiction; and shall not in any way be subject to, or divide such authority with, a Supreme Council or other Power claiming any control or supervision over those degrees.
  1. That the membership of the Grand Lodge and individual Lodges shall be composed exclusively of men; and that each Grand Lodge shall have no Masonic intercourse of any kind with mixed Lodges or bodies which admit women to membership.
  1. That a belief in the G.A.O.T.U. and His revealed will shall be an essential qualification for membership.
  1. All Freemasons under its jurisdiction must be sworn before the Holy Book of the Law (i.e. the Bible) or the book that concerned Mason considered sacred.
  1. That the three Great Lights of Freemasonry (namely, the Volume of the Sacred Law, the Square, and the Compasses) shall always be exhibited when the Grand Lodge or its subordinate Lodges are at work, the chief of these being the Volume of the Sacred Law.
  1. Discussions on religious and political themes in constituent Lodges are prohibited.
  1. That the fundamental principles of the Antient Landmarks, customs, and usages of the Craft shall be strictly observed.
The requirements of these fundamental principles have been unconditionally exists at 5 December 1992 when it was installed Grand Lodge of Bulgaria, which so far has been acquired as a regular Grand Lodge, and is inextricably link in the World Masonic Chain.
Due to this undeniable fact of the April 23, 2001 Declaration was announced for the unification of Regular Freemasonry in Bulgaria, as in Art. 1 is declared that: "Both peers Grand Lodges - Grand Lodge of Bulgaria and the Old Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons rolled into one Grand Lodge, under the name Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Old Masons in Bulgaria" with Grand Master MW Br. Borislav Sarandev.
Therefore, it must be explicitly declared and to be known that the birth date of the restored Bulgarian Masonry is 5 December 992, and 15 February, 1880 in Ruse, we can say that it was laid the foundation stone of the Bulgarian Masonry. And one day, officially to accept that this is the birthdate of Freemasonry in Bulgaria. This is the historical truth about ... the Beginning, and it is the same for all regular Bulgarian Freemasons.
In 2005, Bulgarian Freemasons reasonably adopted its new name of the Grand Lodge – UNITED GRAND LODGE OF BULGARIA, reflecting pre-arrangement of unifiers.
Today, the United Grand Lodge of Bulgaria consists of 50 sovereign Lodges who uphold and preserve regularity, and actively participate in strengthening the World Brotherly chain.
For UGLB the responsibility is hold by MW Grand Master, Br. Ivan Sariev.
Part of national and international Brothers chain from 13 December 2008 became a sovereign SL "Phoenix", Orient Sofia.
All of us live in difficult, perverse and changing world. It is clear now that only material prosperity and achievements are not sufficient to the Humankind. Survival among today's challenges is Human destiny, but he also has responsibilities for the future. We live in a new Century, in new Millennium. Whether this fact is the only calendar? Always the end of the old, gave birth to hope for new. But before we step in ... new, we have to think ... how we lived before?
Part of Mankind is capable of seeing ahead, not only by sight. Signs of change are everywhere. People have begun to focus more attention on internal self-awareness and realization, to seek the spiritual meaning of life. Increasingly crucial to Humankind become human spiritual experiences. The archaic and already seems primitive conceptions of the universe that it is managed according to immutable mechanical laws, gradually became obsolete. Modern scientists, especially after Einstein in the field of quantum physics are no longer slaves to the mechanistic worldview and rediscover the fine spiritual perceptions, explore the power of thought.
Freemason goes and looks forward. He must anticipate events. Because the Mankind already lives in Transformed global World. The material is not leading goal today, today the people have mostly need - guidance to high humane goals, and spiritual improvement.
We realize that as a Bulgarian men and Masons have long way to go about ours and our homeland rethinking the objectives and improvement.
We, the Brothers from Phoenix are mature men of different professions - lawyers, professors, sea masters, officers, doctors, physicists, architects and builders, businessmen, artists and with esoteric interests. We feel we are - normal men and primarily men, realized brotherly responsibility and willingness to help people in the Brotherhood and out of it.
We, the Brethren of Phoenix Lodge are secure and correct shield that protects from rough profane practices the Brothers, and responsible citizens of their homeland.
We know that the Freemason "must be ready to obey any lawful authority, to rise to the forefront the interests of society and zeal to contribute to the prosperity of his own country," went through difficult years.
We are facing, open and appreciative of the world, so that again we are among the nations professing a civilizational value system that we lost contact for decades.
Today, the brothers from Phoenix, we held tight to the Brothers chain and shall not forget that
"We are the salt of the Earth.
 We are the soil of the Earth ... "
"... PHOENIX flew. And no mortal can stop him. Fly to the SUN, because only he can look it straight in the eye ... "